August 4, 2014

Reality TV: The Big Book Edition

Considering all the bookish topics I could write about, it might seem a little surprising that I should pick out one of the most abysmal TV programs of them all and devote a whole blog post to it. What I'm talking about? Reality TV. While I wouldn't go so far as to judge ... who am I kidding? I totally judge people who watch these shows, but I'm fairly certain that others will likely find it just as mind-numbing to watch documentaries which I happen to love. But let's not digress.

I'm thinking - reality show, book style. As they are making shows about all kinds of things I figured I had to do a little research to find out whether there actually is some kind of bookish show out there and lo and behold I did stumble upon one called Tuesday Night Book Club. The show had a Desperate Housewives get their reading on premise though apparently those books were merely props to give those gals a ... err, literate vibe, "The program was set up so that the women of the 'club' were to meet for a discussion of one book a week. However, this was merely a plot device in order to bring the women together in a room, and the book of the week (which was universally a mass market paperback within the chick lit genre) was discussed only sparingly as most of the women didn't even read the suggested title."(Source: Wikipedia) Let's try not to act too surprised, shall we?

Either way, I do believe that there's definitely potential and appeal in a book-themed show. You'd have to like books, for starters, otherwise it'd be a big yawner, but I dare say that there are quite a few readers out there who wouldn't mind taking a break from the 852-pages tome and rest their eyes for a bit. On the TV screen that is. Of course, depending on the channel such a show would air on, it could be  ...

A graceful and sedate affair, best enjoyed with a glass of read wine and classical music playing in the background, while watching the participants leading whole conversations solely in obscure book quotes and completing tasks such as restoring an old tome to its original beauty just so they earn themselves some vegan canap├ęs for dinner. As a setting I'm thinking about an historic mansion with its library as the center of things for our feisty group of literati.

On the other end of the spectrum we would find a whole bunch of 50 Shades of Grey fans* who spend their days (and nights, obviously) bitching about their roomies reading habits and re-enacting scenes of their favorite book (we're talking R-rated) to earn some extra anchovies for their daily pizza delivery. As for the setting I'm thinking high rise building, preferably an airy loft with lots of glass and steel and breathtaking views over the city for our literary show-offs.

All right, all right, I am totally overdrawing the possible scenarios, but you get the general idea. People and their books together in a confined space. Some brilliant ideas there if I may say so myself. Not to say I'd ever want to be a producer of such a show to begin with, yet I'd be happy to throw in a couple of suggestions here and there. And the camera starts rolling!

How do you like my idea of a bookish reality show? What kind of setting would you put your book cast in? Please share.

*Again, I don't judge you ... just kidding ... 'course I do.

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  1. i would start smaller and make " the best bookshelves!" you know like those emission they check each other cooking style or those for the best house etc... i could imagien the envy and false truth during the vote^^;;