August 11, 2014

Time goes by too fast to stop and buy books!

Did I just really say that? More importantly, am I the only one who can hear the Unchained Melody tune reading that blog title? All right, in case there is a resounding yes to that question, why don't we just move along to the actual topic. *cough*

While I did subconsciously notice that I haven't been buying any books in a while, I actually had to look up just how long exactly, because I honestly didn't remember. According to my Amazon account I last fed my Kindle on February 27th *gasp* and it's even worse with physical books as the last time I ordered some from AwesomeBooks was February 4th. By the looks of it I've neither run out of reading material nor did that involuntary breather I took from acquiring book-shaped objects harm my mental health. Of course I have practice, just remember (the older readers of my blog surely will) how I went on a six-months-book-buying-ban back in 2012 and apart from some semi-rough patches it wasn't really so bad, plus it helped shrink my TBR piles to a slightly less intimidating size.

At first I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly may have caused this. Of course there are several logical and/or understandable reasons to consider in such circumstances, say, being so overwhelmed by the stacks of unread books or being flat out too broke to even think about buying new books. Strangely, that's not it. Honestly, to me it never felt like a conscious choice I made. It just happened. But was there really no actual reason that could be the culprit here?

After giving it some thought it suddenly hit me. The all important question being, what has changed in recent months that may have caused this? Well ... simply put, I'm just not reading as many book blogs as I used to a year ago. Pre-book-blogging or even more precisely pre-book-blog-reading was seriously the last time that my TBR piles were of actually manageable proportions. Book blogs, our secret enablers, eh?

In the good old days I had an average of maybe thirty books, give or take a few, waiting to be read and soon after I decided to start this blog, which went hand in hand with discovering plenty of other book blogs, I soon managed to raise that number to shockingly new heights. Who needs skeletons in the closet when you'd much rather hide your book shopping splurges from everyone? As much as I reveled in discovering new books and authors or revisiting genres I hadn't read since my teenage days, it also made me kinda greedy. Anything that sounded even remotely intriguing would end up in my shopping basket. And it wouldn't just sit there, but soon find its way onto my shelves. At least at first, then I ran out of shelf-space and resorted to boxes, mostly.

I'm fairly certain that I'm not the only one whose book acquiring habits have changed through the influence of reading one too many book blogs. To be fair though, I'm generally not equipped with a whole lot of willpower and restraint when it comes to books. Previously I simply managed to keep a good balance between polishing off books from my shelves and replacing them with new ones. Now I'm slowly falling back into this "old" routine and honestly, as much as this puzzled me at first, I'm ok with it. No need to panic as long as I've got at least thirty books, give or take a few, to read.

What influences your own book buying habits? Do book blogs play a major role as in my case? Please share.


  1. hum... hum do my habits changed? yes and nopw i did get a bigger wishlist than ever since i started blogging and discovering so many books ( our bookstores don't have such a large section and not new releases)
    more books from those yes via giveaway or contest because honestly without those they are a lot of book i couldn't even dream to get my hands on it.
    do i buy more? no but intead of buying one from time to time i safe it until i can pick from internet and thus then it('s more books in one time but if they were in teh bookstores i do think i would have bought them anyway ( but one per month perhaps^^)

    1. oh and of course gift from book lovers *hugs* i'm still amazed to have found friend that share the same passion than me