August 18, 2014

What's your number?

We've all got numbers. There's your phone number and the number of your apartment not to mention the number on the sole of your shoes or the amount of socks you pack when you go on vacation. Of course this wouldn't be a book blog, if I started discussing these numbers with you now. Hence ...

books read but unowned
*according to LibraryThing stats

highest number of books ever read in a year
*Goodreads Reading Challenge 2012

greedily downloaded (and as of yet unread) freebies
*which in all likelihood will never ever get read

planned to read this year

unread books

books read so far this year

books I'm currently trying to re-sell

"second life" books (books read which will find a new home with friends)

books bought so far this year

books loaned and never received back

eReaders owned

books read last week

books accidentally bought more than once
*that's all thanks to lists, not my brilliant memory

Now the truly interesting numbers would have to be the amount of books ever read or how many books I bought in my whole life. As much as I'd love to know the former I can't help but think that maybe some things aka the latter are better left unknown. Just adds to the mystery, right? *wink*

What are your bookish numbers? Are any of mine surprising compared to your own? Please share.

1 comment:

  1. i don't think i ever read that many books a year ( at least since i started blogging and excluding manga which i devoured at a time^^)
    you are quite on the good road to reach your goal of reading books number i think
    oh you also have read more unowed book that i have^^

    i do hope the 5 people ( or less if the picked more han one) who got the loaned books will remember to give them back to you^^

    oh my!!! you do have read more than me this year so far^^ i have to make some progress and quickly!^^