September 29, 2014

Monday Five's - I solemnly swear I'm up to a book (or two)!

Granted, this might be the kind of blog post that usually pops up around the New Year, but why not for once be several steps ahead of myself and look at all my reading plans for the near and maybe a-little-bit-further future? With my TBR piles impressively shrinking I really feel more freedom in my reading choices and not the constant pressure of swaying book piles that seem to mock me (or maybe they're just asking me to do a little dusting). So, here they are, a line up of my bookish plans!

Break through the 50-books-TBR barrier
Almost there with "only" 58 unread books, so I should definitely achieve this by the end of the year.

Take up reading magazines again
With so many books I barely found the time to read any magazines in recent years, but now that there's light at the end of my bookshelf I feel comfortable in indulging in some of my favorite science and lifestyle magazines.

Stock up on the classics
This might be a little counter-productive to I, but I really want to (re)discover some of the classics readingwise. Visiting a big annual flea-market next month should help me find a few and save some bucks at the same time.

Indulge in the frivolity of buying a hardcover edition
This might not sound all that amazing or unusual to some, but being my frugal self I usually resort to used books or at least paperback editions. Then I found out that finally (after a whooping 16 years!) the sequel of a book I loved comes out on October 8th and I am ready to invest those *gasp* € 22,90 in it.

Read all the books I acquired before 2013
Ever notice how some books remain on your TBR piles forever? No more! I intend to finally read all my pre-2013 books next year. According to my list that should be exactly 40 books which means this is absolutely doable (especially if I get a head start and begin my book-crusade nowish).

Do you regularly make reading plans too or simply read along as you go? Are any of your plans, eg re-reading the classics, similar to my own? Please share.

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