September 22, 2014

Monday Five's - Let me (car)toon you up!

It's Monday. The weekend is just a distant memory and you're wading knee-deep through work at the office. This means that there's really not that much time to read your favorite blogs while the boss isn't looking. To make your life a bit easier (and more entertaining) especially on a day like today, I figured I'd supply you with some cartoon fun to lighten the mood and incite some giggles and smiles. The following websites offer (mostly, some also throw in other themes for good measure) bookish cartoons which I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy. As do I, obviously.

Finding Wonderland*

Trust me to be the last-minute-gal who simply forgot to get permission to share cartoons from two of these websites. Of course once I get an ok, I will add a cartoon to No. II and V, but in the meantime you'll have to directly visit these sites (which you should do anyway). Yep, I'm taking this whole copyright stuff damn serious!

How do you like these bookishly inspired cartoon sites? Were you already familiar with one of them? Last but not least, are there any you'd like to add to this list? Please share.

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