September 22, 2014

Monday Five's - There's always room for improvement!

This blog post should have originally been published last week (faulty memory + draft folder = bad combination), thus there will be a double feature this week!


I don't know about you, but as far as reading blogs is concerned it's not just the inner values that count. Call me superficial if you like, but if you groom yourself every day (at least I very much hope that you do) you might want to give some attention to your blog's appearance as well. Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but there are a few general things that one can easily avoid, unless you intentionally want to give your blog the look of a slob. In case you do, here's my advice to achieve this goal, though you may also take my suggested solutions to heart.

Cram every available widget for Facebook, Instagram & Co. into the sidebar.
Solution? Social media icons are cute and convenient, plus you can find tons of free ones online.

Host giveaways in which everyone must follow you on every social media outlet available.
Solution? Stop playing the numbers-game and only ask for one way to follow, preferably of choice.

Post not just one but at least half a dozen blog tour banners right beneath the blog header.
Solution? One blog tour at a time should do it and put those banners into the sidebar instead.

Use a watermarked stock-photo in your blog header.
Solution? If you really want it, you'll really have to pay for it.

Grab every visitors immediate attention through pop-ups and/or background music.
Solution? The only moving pictures and/or sounds should come attached to a Vlog post.

 Do any of the just mentioned points strike a chord with you? As a blogger, are you guilty of one of these transgressions yourself? Please share.

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