October 13, 2014

Monday Five's - The fun of working at a bookstore! (Part I)

Once upon a long time ago I used to bump up my meager student's bank account by working part-time at a bookstore. Where else would I have wanted to spend the time I didn't sit at my desk learning for Uni? Looking back now on my years in retail I think of it both fondly and with dread. As with many things in life, there are ups and downs to every job and today I will share some of the fun parts about my book-selling stint ...

Fondling books all day long
All right, maybe just all shift long, but you get the general idea. I guess I don't really need to explain why this is great, do I?

Arm workout
I've never been much into sports, in fact not even remotely. The idea of jogging without an oxygen tent every 100 meters is laughable. But I honestly didn't mind hauling around and arranging books which gave me amazingly toned arms.

Dibs on sale items
Something got marked down and before it even hit the sales floor ... need I really spell it out? First to know, first to buy, or something like that.

Review copies
Granted, working in a big chain bookstore rarely (if ever) translates into foot soldiers at the bottom of the rung receiving any goodies. In my five years there I got my hands on two review copies which I found pretty cool back then (obviously still do).

Window dressing
Come to think of it, being located inside a mall there were no actual windows to dress, yet the entry area and the main dais in the store needed some dress changes nonetheless. Being able to decide on the book arrangements there? Awesome.

Watch out for next week's Part II where I will share the un-fun parts of working at the bookstore.

Have you ever been working at a bookstore? If so, can you relate to my fondly remembered benefits listed above? Maybe there are even more things you'd like to add? Please share.


  1. they are un-fun part? ( except growing wishlist and green envy?) ^^ it's really a place or i could love working i think but i have no experience in it so i will wait part 2 to learn more^^

    thank you for sharing

    1. Oh I did enjoy working in a bookstore, no doubt about it, yet you also have to be aware of "the dark side" which you'll encounter in any job, I guess.