November 3, 2014

Monday Five's - It's never too early to get started on Christmas shopping!

Some people get started on their Christmas shopping once January rolls around with its after-Christmas sales. Of course this is just for those of you who aren't of the forgetful predisposition, otherwise you A) don't remember where you hid the present or B) forget you even bought it in the first place. Then you might resort to throwing yourself into the shopping frenzy a bit later in the year. If you're not faint of heart you might even face the last minute trip to the mall on December 24th. Not fun. That is why I decided to remind you that the clock is ticking and there's always online shopping with bookish gift ideas just a mouse click away.




Obviously these shops aren't exclusively bookish with the last two offering a broader spectrum of gifts that cater to the bookish mind. Yet as far as gift ideas for readers and writers go they also have quite a few treats in store (pun fully intended). So, did I manage to help you out with ideas? Good. Mission accomplished.

Do you like to give books of bookish presents to family and friends for Christmas? Maybe you already bought from one of these shopping sites? If so, what did you purchase? Please share!


  1. i won a booklamp frome gone reading once and it's quite useful^^. i do love to make bookish gifts but not only^^

    1. Oh, I remember you mentioned that! Reading underneath the covers at night, aren't you? ;-)
      As to bookish gifts - obviously only those who actually like books will receive related presents, though sometimes it's also a good introduction to literature for those less inclined to pick up a book.