November 10, 2014

Monday Five's - Why I'd rather read a physical book than on a Kindle! (Part I)

I still remember how I refused to get an eReader for a very long time. Of course, things change quite easily in this techno-crazed world and in my case I simply couldn't bare reading books for review on the computer screen another minute. So I purchases my first eReader. My eyes thanked me and I had to admit that this was actually a pretty neat gadget.
Meanwhile I progressed to my second eReader, a Kindle, and while I do enjoy reading on it, I wouldn't want to miss holding an actual dead-tree-variety of a book in my hand. And here are the main reasons why I hold physical books dear.

The wonderful sensation of turning pages.

The olfactory delight of sniffing (old) books.

The eye-candy that a pretty cover offers.

The ability to easily sneak a peek at the last page. *wink*

No risk of the battery running out.

Watch out for next week's Part II where I'll let you in on the reasons why I'd sometimes rather read on a Kindle than a physical book.

Do you prefer reading physical books or are you an eReader convert? What do you miss the most when reading on a Kindle or Nook compared to a "real" book? And in case you don't even own an eReader yet, what are your reasons? Please share!


  1. physical book ^^ the feeling and yes the book scent are something i need ^^, on side note: in my country ebook are more expensive than paperback ( yes it('s possible) and my eyes hate reading on a screen

    1. I have heard before how prices of eBooks can be higher than physical books which is weird. Here we usually pay at least a few Euros less (but not much) for an eBook. On the other side, English editions are usually a whole lot cheaper than German ones and I prefer to read the original instead of the translation anyway.
      And luckily my eyes don't mind reading on the Kindle, though reading on the computer is strenuous on my eyes too.

  2. I have the model T Kindle and have loads of free books on it. But my eyes hurt from the background color. I do like that I can make the print larger. But I much prefer paper books. I love cuddling up to one.

    1. Luckily my Kindle isn't giving my eyes any trouble, though if I had to choose I'd happily settle for "real" books too.

  3. I prefer real books, too, but for different reasons:

    Reading e-books hurts my eyes after a half hour.
    I often start to fall asleep when I read e-books.
    I have a gread-big beautiful bookcase in my living room that must be stocked with real books.

    1. I have to say your third reason is my favorite of them all! :-)