November 14, 2014

Non-Fiction Friday - Come Home at Once

Come Home at Once
(Guy Atkins)
November 13th 2014, Bantam Press

For more than a decade, Guy Atkins has collected postcards sent by the Edwardians. In this incredible treasury of 100 cards, he shares the very best from his collection. From the tantalising, to the hilarious, to the downright shocking, this compendium shines a light on an extraordinary phenomenon of communication.
At half the price of sending a letter, and with same-day delivery in urban areas, Britain became obsessed with the postcard between 1902 and 1914. By the outbreak of the First World War, the Post Office was delivering close to a billion cards a year. In fact, the speedy delivery meant Edwardian postcards were the text messages of their day!
Come Home at Once presents an intriguing piece of social history. In it, Guy explains just what made the postcard such an Edwardian sensation, what it really meant to tilt your stamp and how same-day delivery made Edwardian postcards completely different from the postcards we know today.


  1. i love old postcard when we see the quality of teh design and.. it was so fast!! here we even had delivery morning and evening ( twice a day) so it was funny to see some message like " i will bring the veggies" you could even receive them on sunday ( but it was a little more expensive^^)

    if only postal service could find back that speed and quality ( so few letters were lost!)

    1. There is something magical about old postcards - tangible history! I must admit I don't know whether postal services here ever delivered twice a day or even on Sundays, all I know is that it doesn't do so now. Only before Christmas they will at least deliver parcels on Saturdays, but that's as far as it goes. And oddly enough, postage constantly rises but the service never improves . :-/