Tea & Books Reading Challenge 2012

This challenge was inspired by C.S. Lewis' famous words, "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

You better settle in with a large cup of tea, because in this challenge you will only get to read ... wait for it ... books with more than 700 pages. I'm deadly serious. We all have a few of those tomes on our shelves and somehow the amount of pages often prevents us from finally picking them up. You may choose novels only, no short story collections or anthologies, and in case you're trying a short cut by picking large print editions of a book, well I'm sorry, those do not qualify for this challenge! Let's battle those tomes that have been collecting dust on our shelves, so no re-reads, please!

2 Books - Chamomile Lover

4 Books - Berry Tea Devotee

6 Books - Earl Grey Aficionado (this will be the one I'll try)

8 or more Books - Sencha Connoisseur

To sign up, please read the general rules below! Then post about the challenge on your blog, including the button above, and don't forget to link back to the Tea & Books Reading Challenge page on my blog!



Anyone may join. Just leave a comment below with the following info:
Name / Blog (if you have one) / Chosen Level

I'll comprise a list with everyone and add it to this page!

Updates on the challenge will be posted on a regular basis and you may then comment with your own progress.

The challenge will take place between January 1st and December 31st 2012.

You can join any time between now and early 2012.

You have to pick a level, though you may "upgrade" to the next one at any time. In this case just drop me a line, so I can change your previous level.

You don't need to list your books ahead of time, though I won't object if you do. I'm definitely curious about your book choices for the challenge.

The books you choose may crossover into other challenges.

Both physical and eBooks are allowed, though personally I feel that especially the Tea & Books Reading Challenge is more fun with real books.

Reviews of the books read are not mandatory.

If you have any questions, please comment below!


Birgit / The Book Garden / Earl Grey Aficionado
Ally / Snow Feathers / Chamomile Lover
Debbie / Exurbanis / Chamomile Lover
Risa / Breadcrumb Reads / Berry Tea Devotee
Amy Rea / New Century Reading / Berry Tea Devotee
Jessie / Jessie's Book Place / Chamomile Lover
Grace / Books Without Any Pictures / Early Grey Aficionado
San / blue paper cranes / Chamomile Lover
Fiona / The Book Coop / Sencha Connoisseur
L.S. Engler / L.S. Engler / Sencha Connoisseur
Vasilly / 1330V / Chamomile Lover
Psique / Book Travels / Chamomile Lover
Geoff / The Oddness of Moving Things / Sencha Connoisseur *
Prangon / Nerd in Heels / Chamomile Lover
JoV / Bibliojunkie / Chamomile Lover
 snoelr / Anecdotal Musings / Chamomile Lover
Sandra / Fresh Ink Books / Chamomile Lover
Jane / Fleur Fisher in her world / Berry Tea Devotee
Rubina / Be my knife / Chamomile Lover
B.C. / Book Snob Wannabe / Chamomile Lover
Robin / My Two Blessings / Earl Grey Aficionado
Books 'N Moderation / Berry Tea Devotee *
Alicia / Room To Read / Chamomile Lover
Her Royal Orangeness / Only Orangery / Chamomile Lover
Margaret / Books Please / Earl Grey Aficionado
TBM / 50 Year Project / Berry Tea Devotee
Chris / The Book Trunk / Berry Tea Devotee
Cathy / Cathy's Book Reviews / Chamomile Lover
Jenn / Simply ... Challenging / Chamomile Lover
Cath / read_warbler / Berry Tea Devotee
Deseree / Dusky Literati / Sencha Connoisseur
Melissa / Jayne's Books / Berry Tea Devotee
Regina / Chamomile Lover
Akilha / The Englishist / Chamomile Lover
Sissy / Cryptographic Romance / Chamomile Lover
Agata / The One Who Reads / Chamomile Lover
LeAnn / Chamomile Lover
Laurie / In Laurie's Mind / Chamomile Lover
Nancy / Silver Threads / Chamomile Lover
Melwyk / Indextrious Reader / Berry Tea Devotee
Lindsey / Musings of A Frustrated Lady Writer / Chamomile Lover
Daisy Chain / Chocolate-Covered Books / Chamomile Lover
Amanda R. / Fig and Thistle / Chamomile Lover
Meaghan / A Cineaste's Bookshelf / Chamomile Lover
Chantel / Books, Books & Books / Berry Tea Devotee
Alberta / Alberta Reads / Berry Tea Devotee
Ted / Bookeywookey / Berry Tea Devotee
Carolina / Eclectic Book Readings / Berry Tea Devotee
Amanda / the one woman book club / Sencha Connoisseur
Eva / A Striped Armchair / Berry Tea Devotee
Rose City Reader / Rose City Reader / Berry Tea Devotee
Kah Woei / The Books of My Life / Earl Grey Aficionado
Michele / A Reader's Respite / Earl Grey Aficionado
Yvann / Reading With Tea / Berry Tea Devotee
Anamika / What I have been reading ... / Chamomile Lover
Anastasia / The Itinerant Bookworm / Earl Grey Aficionado
Valentina / Peek A Book / Chamomile Lover
Jo @ Lost in Stories / joannegracehael.blogspot / Earl Grey Aficionado
Lauren / Meducation / Berry Tea Devotee
LĂșcia / Millenium of the Bookworm / Berry Tea Devotee
Phanee / funny wool / Berry Tea Devotee
Kinna / Kinna Reads / Chamomile Lover
Susan / You Can Never Have Too Many Books / Earl Grey Aficionado
Elizabeth / Bowl of Stew(art) / Chamomile Lover
LitProfSue / ExLibrisLitProfSue / Chamomile Lover
Brooke / Seven Apples / Chamomile Lover
Cheri / On My Head And Reading / Sencha Connoisseur
Uthie / Lembar Buku Putri / Chamomile Lover
Tunks / Words Unspoken / Chamomile Lover
Candiss / SF Solitaire / Berry Tea Devotee
Ashley Rose / Ruin is the Road to Transformation / Chamomile Lover
Patty / A tale of three cities / Chamomile Lover
Becky / Escapism Through Books / Berry Tea Devotee
Reema Sahay / Recommended Books / Chamomile Lover
Mary / bibliographic manifestations / Earl Grey Aficionado
Silva Sakasi / Knihovela / Chamomile Lover (or Berry Tea Devotee)
Masa / Hearting Handmade / Berry Tea Devotee
Rikki / Rikki's Teleidoscope / Chamomile Lover
Athyn / Earl Grey Aficionado
Denise / Zantippy Skiphop / Chamomile Lover
Sary / Some People Use Their Imagination /Sencha Connoisseur
Faith / Studentspyglass / Earl Grey Aficionado
Honorary Reader: Silver Thistle

* these brave readers have upgraded to the next level

January Reading Challenge Post
February Reading Challenge Post
March Reading Challenge Post
April Reading Challenge Post
May Reading Challenge Post
June Reading Challenge Post
July Reading Challenge Post
August/September Reading Challenge Post
October/November Reading Challenge Post *plus giveaway*
December Reading Challenge Post *plus giveaway*


  1. Ally - Snow Feathers - Chamomile Lover :)

  2. Debbie/Exurbanis/Chamomile lover (A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth & London by Edward Rutherford)

  3. Here's my sign-up post, Birgit!


  4. I have a number of hefty tomes on my 2012 reading list. Do audiobooks qualify?

  5. This sounds perfect for the books I need to complete next year! I've signed up for the second level.

    Btw, I love the title of your challenge and the quote you chose to go with it! [or was that the other way around?:)]

    Here's my sign-up post.


  6. Would literary biographies count? I have several long ones I've been meaning to tackle.

  7. Thanks for signing up for this challenge, ladies!
    This is so much more fun when you're not trying to tackle those heavy tomes all alone.

    @Darlene: Nope, audio books do not count ... they don't exactly have pages, you know ;-) !

    @AmyRea: Biographies are ok, in fact both fiction and non-fiction are fine.

    As I've been asked this on Goodreads I wanted to add that books that do not count are eg omnibus editions that have three novels in one!

  8. Hi, Birgit!

    It's unfortunate that you won't include unabridged audiobooks. You can get the exact page count from the printed copy.

    For example, I plan to tackle The Count of Monte Cristo which is 1,276 pages!! You can see that on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7126.The_Count_of_Monte_Cristo. I bought the unabridged audiobook.

    Another one that I will be reading is Outlander which is 850 pages: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10964.Outlander.

    I am surprised that unabridged audiobooks wouldn't count!

  9. Cool! Then I'll go for the Berry Tea Devotee. I'll read Hermione Lee's tome on Virginia Woolf, Juliet Barker's tome on the Brontes (the newest edition for which I'll need a magnifying glass), Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend, and one other I'll pick later. If I like the Woolf bio, maybe I'll read Lee's book on Edith Wharton, also well past 700 pages.

  10. @Darlene: The books aren't the problem, it's the format - I intended this challenge for physical books only! But I did find an interesting challenge that might be right up your alley: http://novelchallenges.blogspot.com/2011/11/2012-audio-book-challenge.html

  11. This looks like a fun challenge (and one I'm in need of I keep meaning to read bigger books).
    Jessie/Jessie's Book Place/Chamomile Lover

    Sign up post: http://xjessiexbellex.blogspot.com/2011/11/tea-books-reading-challenge.html

  12. I'll go for the Earl Grey Aficionado level. I don't have a sign-up post yet, but I talk about it here:


  13. Even though I not taking part in this challenge (more about WHY not later...) I'll be following everyone's progress with interest. LOVE these books! Totally and without reservation. Absolutely unashamed adoration for this series. I envy you all, just cracking open the first one and going into it not knowing the wonder to come.

    Now then, why am I not doing the challenge? Well, to tell the truth I was ALL OVER it when I found it. Had my post all written up, button centered nicely on the post and was busy thinking how this one was 'in the bag'. and was just about to hit 'enter' when I thought to have one last read of the challenge post to make sure I had it all... Bam! No re-reads :(

    That's me out then. I'd need both hands to count how many times I've enjoyed this story/series. That's ok though, I plan on playing along unofficially anyway, up here *taps temple* :D

    I'll be joining you all in spirit and cheering you on all the way! Great challenge and I wish you all luck with it!

  14. San - blue paper cranes - Chamomile Lover

    Plan on reading, 'A Suitable Boy' and 'Wolf Hall'(650 pages, but I think the 1488 of 'A Suitable Boy' should make up for it?)

    Will write about the challenge soon.

  15. @Silver Thistle: I know, I know ... but you're obviously not scared of fat books and this challenge is for the faint of heart when it comes to those heavy tomes!
    That said I declare you Honorary Reader of the "Tea & Books Reading Challenge" group - all you need to do is keep an eye on our progress and scold us if need be ;-) !

    @San: As one books is very close to 700 pages anyway, and the other is twice as long (oh my, you are brave), this is perfectly ok. I just added you to the list!

  16. I was planning on reading some bricks next year anyway... so I'm gonna plonk myself down and say that I'm going to challenge myself to read EIGHT books for this challenge. I already know of 4 that I will be reading anyway (for 2 other challenges and a planned read with some friends) so I thought it'd be no fun if I just stuck to those I plan to read anyway.

    I'm not sure what the other four will be yet, I'll choose them as I go I think.

    I'm Fiona from http://thebookcoop.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/tea-books-reading-challenge/


  17. I absolutely adore the idea of this challenge! I'm a sucker for a good challenge, too, especially if it involves two of my favorite things. Count me in!

    L.S. Engler (my blog doesn't have a fancy title), signing up as a Sencha Connoisseur!

    And my post on the challenge can be found here: http://lsengler.com/2011/12/06/tea-books-reading-challenge/

  18. Count me in! I'm joining at the Chamomile Lover level.

  19. Psique @ Book Travels.
    Chamomile Lover level.


  20. I'm going to participate! :-D

    I'm going to say at the 6 Books - Earl Grey Aficionado level, but that could easily go up.

    I'm planning on reading:
    - Gone with the Wind
    - Anna Karenina
    - Song of Ice and Fire Series (5 books so far, all over 700 pages).
    And I might read, The Count of Monte Cristo (I was supposed to read it in HS, but never actually did.)

    My name is Geoff, my blog is at www.geoffwhaley.com - and I'll add a link once I've posted my Challenge post.

  21. I have heaps of books that crosses 700 pages and the size alone scares me and I run the other way. I think this challenge might be good to finish even two from that HUUUUUGE pile ;)

    Name: Prangon
    Blog: Smutty Dirty Bitch
    Chosen Level: Chamomile Lover 2 books Not sure which two I'll be reading yet.

  22. JoV @ bookblog www.bibliojunkie.wordpress.com
    I do love Chamomile tea and that's the level I will come in first! Thanks for hosting.

  23. I think I'll take part. I'm snoelr. My blog is anecdotal musings : www.snoelr.wordpress.com and I think I'm gonna go with the Chamomile Lover level with the Penguin edition of The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky and A Game of Thrones by Martin. I'll announce it on my blog tomorrow.

  24. I'd like to join please-at the camomile level.
    Sandra, Fresh Ink Books. Thank you.

  25. Here's my post for the challenge :)


  26. This is just what I need. I am great at starting big books but bad at finishing them, even when I'm loving the reading,so please sign me up as a Berry Tea Devotee.

  27. Here I am! Rubina, be-my-knife, Chamomile level. Here's the link to a small note about your challenge I've just written on my blog:
    Thank you very much for this gorgeous idea! :)

  28. Hey! Over at my blog "Book Snob Wannabe" I will be participating in the Chamomile level. Here is a post I wrote about the challenge: http://booksnobwannabe.blogspot.com/2011/12/2012-challenge-tea-books-reading.html

  29. I'm game. Count me in.

    Robin at www.mytwoblessings.com and shooting for 6 Books - Earl Grey Aficionado

  30. I don't have a blog but would to take this challenge. Chamomile Lover is what I'll do. I have at lest 2 books that are on my to-do list :)

  31. Name: Alicia
    blog: foodiebloger.wordpress.com
    challenge: 2 books - Chamomile Lover

    Books: Byzantium by Stephen R Lawhead
    War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

  32. Here's my sign-up post: http://onlyorangery.blogspot.com/2011/12/tea-books-reading-challenge.html

    HRO @ Only Orangery

    Good luck everyone! :)

  33. I'd like to join in - Margaret at www.booksplease.org

    I've done a list on my blog.

  34. sorry I forgot to add I'll be aiming for the Earl Grey Aficionado level.

  35. Hello! This sounds like a good one. I plan on attempting the Berry Tea. Here's my signup post:


    Thanks for hosting this event!

  36. Oh dear, another Book Challenge that I can't resist.I wasn't going to tackle another one, but some of the titles selected for other challenges will count for this one, so I'll plump for the Berry Tea Devotee and see what happens. I'm Chris at The Book Trunk (http://chriscross-thebooktrunk.blogspot.com/)

  37. This sounds like a great challenge. I think I will go with the 2 books - Chamomile Lover. My sign-up post is Cathy at http://cathysreadinglist.blogspot.com

  38. Count me in! I'm going to attempt the lowest level, since I don't tend to read hefty books (but maybe here's my chance to do so! ;)

    I've always wanted to read The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu (a Japanese classic) and the version I'm eyeing weighs in at 1174 pages. Not sure about my other choice yet.

    Jenn/Simply...Challenging/Chamomile Lover
    Challenge post: http://jcreadingchallenges.blogspot.com/2011/12/tea-and-books-reading-challenge.html

  39. I'm joining up for the Tea & Books Challenge

    Dusky Literati / http://www.duskyliterati.com/?page_id=3737 / Sencha Connoisseur

  40. Here is mine: http://jaynesbooks.blogspot.com/2011/12/2012-tea-books-reading-challenge.html

  41. I'm joining up for the Tea & Books Challenge
    I'm going with 2 Books - Chamomile Lover

    - Gone with the Wind
    _ The Stand

    Regina ~ http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5879984-regina

  42. Great idea for a reading challenge! I might not do it this year.... perhaps next year though. Good luck to you all!!

  43. Akilah

  44. Sounds fun! My name is Sissy and I'm participating in the Chamomile Lover level.


    Thanks for putting this one together. [=

  45. Name: Agata
    Level :Chamomile Lover
    Probably will upgrade though

    2 Books :
    The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas, Alexandre

    Don Quixote by Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes

  46. LeAnn - Chamomile Lover

    I don't blog, but had to set something up to be able to post. I will post the books that I read at goodreads.com and can be found under a people search as patchouli_grl or under the link http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/6968155-patchouli-grl?shelf=tea-books-reading-challenge-2012

    The 2 books that I at least want to read are:

    The Mists of Avalon (876 pages)
    The Golden Bough (880 pages)

    Hopefully I'll read more than those!

  47. I'm in! I have several massive tomes to clear from the TBR, and this is a good way to do it.

    Laurie @ In Laurie's Mind- Chamomile Lover

    Here's my sign up post:

  48. Nancy / Silver Threads/ Chamomile Tea

    My local book group is taking on some long books in 2012 and I plan to use two for this challenge:
    Jaroslav Hasek, The Good Soldier Svejk (752 pages)
    Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate (871 pages)

  49. Melwyk / Indextrious Reader / Berry Tea Devotee

    I'm in - I love long books (and tea)! I'm signing up at Berry Devotee level, and here's my sign-up post

  50. Lindsey/Musings of A Frustrated Lady Writer/Chamomile Lover

    Sign-up post is here.

  51. To be honest... This Challenge scares me to death but I still want to do it. I just don't dare to go higher than Chamomile Lover.

    Daisy Chain / Chocolate-Covered Books / Chamomile Lover.

    Now I "only" have to figure out what to read.. but i think I have at least one of the big ones on my new Kindle. will have to check or "steal" from other contestants :D.

    Sign up post is here:

  52. Amanda R. / www.figandthistle.blogspot.com / Chamomile Lover

  53. Meaghan / http://cinestesbookshelf.blogspot.com / Chamomile Lover

  54. Chantel / http://gerrisalynnbooks.blogspot.com / Berry Tea Devotee

  55. hi - http://albertareads.wordpress.com signing in for Berry tea to be on safe side although I have many more lined up - not sure which I will read out of Of Time & River - The Pillars of the Earth -A Suitable Boy -Antony Adverse - The Tale of Genji - The brothers Karamazor and the Iliad - I had 2 others but I see you don't allow re-reads The Lord of the Rings I will be reading anyway for another challenge had hoped I could combine ah well! and Poor Fellow My Country which I read once back in 1973 well - maybe I still will for fun

    Will put up a post about the challenge today or/'morrow - I'm on a brand new website so still getting to grips with how wordpress handles widgets/badges etc !!!:)

  56. I'd like to join, if you will have me. The link below is where I post my intent! Happy 2012.


  57. Great challange.
    I'll join
    Carolina/http://theeclecticreader.wordpress.com//Berry Tea Devotee

  58. Amanda
    Sencha ^_^

  59. I am in at the Berry Tea Devotee level: http://www.rosecityreader.com/2011/12/2012-challenge-chunkster-and-tea-books.html

    But I hope to bump up to Earl Grey.

  60. Sounds interesting ... this will be helpful as I'm planning to read a number of thick books this year :-)

    Kah Woei / The Books of My Life / Earl Grey Aficionado.


  61. Fantastic! I know I'll be an Earl Grey Aficionado this year. :)

    Here's a post about it:

  62. I have finally decided on my first book for this challenge. The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman Trilogy) The paperback is 832 pages. I also have plans to read the other 3 books in this trilogy.

    Happy New Year


  63. Hi, this looks great fun! I'm as follows:

    Yvann/Reading With Tea (http://readingwithtea.com/2011/12/31/challenges-2012/) / Berry Tea Devotee

  64. Anamika/What I have been reading.../Chamomile Lover

  65. Thank you for this amazing challenge!

    Valentina/www.peekabook.it/chamomile lover

    You can find my article on your challenge here

  66. have put my post up - Some Books are Massive - looking foward to the challenge

  67. Grace @LostinStories - http://joannegracehael.blogspot.com
    -Earl Grey Aficionado


  68. Hi, I am totally new to blogging and with only a couple of posts in just came across your wonderful blog and great challenge and would love to take part.

    Lauren/Meducation/Berry Tea Devotee

    I have just finished reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (933 pages) Technically I started on New Year's eve, so am I allowed to count this or not? Will add a post to my blog now :)

  69. First of all my congratulations for having such a lovely blog ^^ it's my first time in a challenge like this one because my blog is also just starting

    LĂșcia - Millenium of the Bookworm (http://milleniumofthebookworm.blogspot.com/) - Berry Tea Devotee

  70. Great challenge Birgit! This will definitely help me read some of those books I always seem to avoid. Please sign me up!

    Phanee/funny wool(http://funny-wool.blogspot.com/)/Berry Tea Devotee

  71. Kinna/Kinna Reads (http://kinnareads.wordpress.com/)/Chamomile Lover

  72. Hi Brigit! Please sign me up! Susan/You Can Never Have Too Many Books/Earl Grey Aficionado Here is my post:
    and I've listed some of the books I'm thinking of reading for it.

  73. Elizabeth/http://little1liz.blogspot.com/2012/01/tea-books-reading-challenge.html/Chamomile Lover

  74. LitProfSue/ExLibrisLitProfSue/Chamomile Lover


  75. Brooke/Seven Apples/Chamomile Lover


    I'm really looking forward to this!

  76. Thank you for the challenge. I'm shooting for the Sencha Connoisseur level.

  77. Im in... Uthie/Lembar Buku Putri/Chamomile Lover level

    this my post http://putriuthieutama.blogspot.com/2012/01/name-in-book-challenge-2012.html

  78. Tunks/Words Unspoken/Chamomile Lover

    Looking fwd to this challenge!

  79. can i change my http on the linky - it is now http://albertareads.wordpress.com - dont know how to do it - sorry

  80. (I keep having the worst time trying to get this to post properly...sorry for any double post!)

    Candiss/SF Solitaire/Berry Tea Devotee

    Blog URL: http://www.sfsolitaire.blogspot.com
    My sign-up post: http://www.sfsolitaire.blogspot.com/2012/01/2012-reading-challenges.html