December 30, 2012

THIS ISN'T FICTION Reading Challenge

Love non fiction? Or maybe you are a bit weary of the non in front of the fiction yet want to give it a try? Either way, if you plan to read books that fit the This isn't Fiction theme, then read on.

To sign up for the challenge and get acquainted with the general rules, please head over HERE.

All right, I do hope you found your way back to this post which is not only a reminder to get your name on the sign-up list, but also the first update post of the challenge. Of course we've all got two more days to get used to the idea of getting some non fiction fare onto our reading plates.

First, I'd like to add two more things to the challenge.
I've been asked whether audio books are allowed and the answer is yes. And I'd like to point out, as stated in the rules, that there is no need to review the books you read for the challenge. I know that in most challenges you are supposed to read, review and link-up that review, but I simply want to emphasize the joy of reading non fiction. If you want to write a review that's fine, of course, but you don't need to if you don't want to.

Secondly, have fun folks!

Updates for the challenge will be posted regularly on Sundays near the end/beginning of a month and the next dates will thus be February 3rd, March 3rd, March 31st, April 28th, June 2nd, and June 30th.

I can't wait to hear what you might have already read by early February! So go ahead and read something that isn't fiction!


  1. I wrote a brief review of my first book of the challenge :)

  2. And the second...