February 3, 2013

The Reading Files - How about a trip to The Mall?

After overdosing on non fiction in the past couple of weeks I had to wind down a bit and what would be better suited than shopping til I'm dropping? So off to The Mall it was and when I could shop no more aka dropped and splayed my ankle it was straight to The Ward ... maybe I should have kept on the non fiction side of entertainment after all!

The Mall (S.L. Grey)

Thoughts. Terrifyingly surreal and utterly gross, this book grabs you and won't let go until the bitter end. Much more than your average horror story this one has a message too. Consumerism, self-perception, and finding an unlikely place to belong. Amazing!

First line. My first instinct is to grab his hand, snap back his index finger, and floor the fucker.

Verdict. A dark and intense horror story of a different kind!

The Ward (S.L. Grey)

Thoughts. Maybe a sequel, though more like a copy of The Mall presented in a different dress. There's the same sinister feel yet too many similarities to make it unique and I certainly missed a connection with the protagonists. Certainly not bad, but I recommend to stick to its predecessor!

Last words spoken. Shall we commence?

Verdict. A luke-warm imitation of The Mall!

And then I got started on my first chunkster for the year, It by Stephen King. That monster has got 1.376 pages. And it weighs roughly half a ton. I seriously need someone to hold that thing for me while reading. In lack of any volunteers I decided to tackle this book step by step over the course of the next four weeks. Shockingly enough (for me, anyway) this means I will read more than one book at a time. Let's see whether I can stick to this plan. In case I don't, the next Sunday post won't be up, uhm, for a while ...


  1. I LOVED The Mall but to me it seemed like The Ward was going to be much of the same, which you confirmed. Maybe I should not read it and keep the good memories of The Mall alive. :-)

    Nice to see it made a good impression on you too. Horror, but in a nice way.

    1. My expectations were pretty high with this book and I was not disappointed. Admittedly I didn't even know that "The Ward" was kind of a sequel when I started reading it, so the same story-line pattern did surprise me a bit.
      As to "The Mall", I agree, very nice horror!!