June 28, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

You might not have a Facebook profile, but if you haven't set foot anywhere into the world wide web, you must be living beneath a stone ...

Next status update? I'll elope with my honey and move to Ohio. From the safety of a computer chair we can pretend to be (and do) pretty much everything we want. A Brave New Social Media World, all right!

Fakebook: A True Story. Based on Actual Lies. (Dave Cicirelli)
Publ. September 3rd 2013 - PBK

Could the internet possibly be the end of the English language? Then again, in a world of technological development new things require new words. Let's keep up with a journey through the digital age's most common terms!

Netymology: From Apps to Zombies - A Linguistic Celebration of the Digital World (Tom Chatfield)
Publ. March 28th 2013 - HC

Spreadable? Like butter on bread? This book is taking a look at media business from a scholarly angle. Think along the lines of "going viral". And who knows? Maybe media indeed works like a knife spreading butter on bread.

Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture (Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green)
Publ. February 15th 2013 - HC
New York University Press

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