December 29, 2013

THIS ISN'T FICTION and TEA & BOOKS Reading Challenges

So, this is it. The end. Of course, technically speaking, you've still got two days left to finish that very last book for both of the reading challenges I hosted this year. I know that some of you even signed up for both, so needless to say (but I shall do so anyway) I am especially proud of you. Didn't quite reach your chosen level? Don't be sad, even if you only made it to a lower level than the one you had initially planned on, heck, even if you only read one chunkster or three non-fiction books, that is still an accomplishment. Granted, it's a smaller one than you might initially have had in mind, but nevertheless it is something. Didn't even read one single book? That's a different story. Go away and read. Fast. There's no other way to save face now.

Now it's your turn to share with me and all the other participants how you fared in the reading challenge you chose - was it fun, or more of a trudge? Are you glad you managed to polish off a few neglected books or tomes from your bookshelves? Maybe I even managed to turn you into a new fan of non-fiction and/or books with a measly *chuckles* 1.000 pages? 

Last but not least, some of you may wonder if there's going to be a repeat of these challenges in 2014 and I'm sorry to say that with my ongoing hiatus the answer is no, but I certainly hope I've managed to wet your appetite for non-fiction and/or heavy chunksters so you will start into the new year with the same reading enthusiasm as this year and won't need me to remind you all the time to pick up that book and read. That being said, I'm wishing you all a bookishly good start into the new year and may the odds of picking up big books and/or those that aren't fiction, be ever in your favor!

December 1, 2013

TEA & BOOKS Reading Challenge

Time's running out, but you're (hopefully) not running out of reading material so close to the end (of the year and this challenge). Did you polish off plenty of heavy tomes? Good for you. Is there still an unfinished chunkster on your bedside table? You're excused then - so go on and read!

After reaching my chosen level already by mid-year, and successfully upgrading to the next level, a fact I never grow tired of mentioning, I hope that many of you enjoyed to plow through those big books as much as I did. Obviously I hope that everyone will have reached (or soonish, anyway) their personal goal and even if you never quite made it past the first level this is still an achievement worthy of, let me think, going on a book buying splurge! Still struggling with book one? That's tough, but don't give up and keep in mind you've still got all of December to stick your nose between those (many) pages.

Curious about who is participating in the challenge? Go here.

This has been the last update in this challenge, but there will be a final post on December 29th.

Time to share your thoughts, struggles, and great readerly moments in this challenge with all of us! Comment away. 

THIS ISN'T FICTION Reading Challenge

Let's right cut to the chase. One more month. Four more weeks. Did this just get your heart-rate up? Well then go away and read. Are you sitting back, quite relaxes? Good job on reaching your chosen level in this year's This isn't Fiction Reading Challenge!

I'm not going to repeat myself, making a point of how I already reached the highest level after only six months, but *oops* it looks as though I just did. Joking aside, some of you already commented previously about reaching their personal goal, so a big round of applause for those readers among us, please. Everyone who's still struggling, maybe getting to one level, but not quite to the next one, don't fret (too much), because this is still a great achievement. Plus, as mentioned before - one more month to go, so you might just make it over the finish lines too!

Curious about who is participating in the challenge? Go here.

This has been the last update in this challenge, but there will be a final post on December 29th.

Time to share your thoughts, struggles, and great readerly moments in this challenge with everyone! Comment away.

The Sunday Book Branch

the reading nook
And before you start rolling your eyes let me assure you that this is the last time of getting cozy with murders this month. All right, let's say the last for the rest of the year. Better? As I still had a number of single books from various series sitting on the shelf I put together a tasty reading menu. Overall the cozies were of the average sort (which is good) yet none made me feel like picking up more books from the series (which is a shame).
P.S.: If I had to pick a fav among the three I'd go for the cookies!

One Bad Apple (Sheila Connolly) / Crops And Robbers (Paige Shelton) / The Christmas Cookie Killer (Livia J. Washburn)
the writing desk
So I though about how much I used to write on my blog and now that everything has been reduced to these Sunday shorties, you're probably shocked/disappointed/surprised/etc to hear that I'm considering to go into full hiatus mode for a little while. No plan to completely stop writing (or reading, mind you), but somehow blogging has lost its allure in recent months, so a break will do both of us (me and my blog) good. Not filing for divorce yet, which is good, right?

the wishing tree
I confess, it was the cover that first pulled me in. Contrary to what some might think, Shaping Humanity isn't about pretty pics of hairy apes, but showcases our ancient human ancestors offering a fascinating journey down the path of human evolution with a visual focus on what earlier humans really looked like. Think paleontology meets forensics!

the book hoarder
No books for me this week, then again, after my recent haul (see last week's post) that's better anyway. Maybe I'll even celebrate the four-weeks-of-not-buying-books *insert Twelve-Days-of-Christmas tune*. Or maybe not. There's no sense in playing hard to get when it comes to chocolate-covered gingerbread and acquiring new books. Not in December, anyway.

the literary mind
Now that December has come around I can't help but dream of A) a white Christmas and b) a bookish Advent-calendar. Seriously, wouldn't that be neat, in fact, more than neat, it'd be totally awesome! Every day a book or maybe a journal or a bookmark or anything that makes the book-lover's heart beat faster. Who needs one of those old-fashioned chocolate filled calendars anyway? Well, all right, they are yummy, obviously, but books beat sweets every time. What bookish surprises would you like to find in an Advent-calendar?